Schneider Electric China R&D Center
Schneider-Electric China Research & Development Center- CRDC was officially inaugurated on 7th April 2005, located at ZhangJiang High Technology Park in Shanghai. And now we have more than 300 employees in CRDC, which means CRDC will grow up to be one of biggest R&D Centers in Schneider-electric.
CRDC mainly consists of China Design Center-CDC, China Automation Center-CAC, China Research & Development Support-CRDS, Global Technology Center China-GTCC, China Laboratory-CLAB and SEIDS R&D. CRDC not only provides support in technical and localization of the product line, but also develops and designs new products to fulfill the demands of global and Chinese market respectively.
The products and solutions developed by CRDC will meet customer needs in both local and global market, which will boost production localization and provide continuing engineering & localization support to all production facilities.
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